The Adonis golden ratio

What, you may ask, is the Adonis golden ratio?

Well, it is a bodybuilding and weight training program for men that offers the possibility of building a lean, muscular body with maximum loss of fat around the waist.

Now I know that diet programs from men are absolutely nothing new, but the Adonis golden ratio does offer new possibility for refreshing those deadly gym exercises and workout routines.

Having said this, I also recognize that having a good program is not the whole story — you also need motivation, and the likelihood of success.

So let’s start with the program: in the Adonis golden ratio, which is also known as the Adonis index system, men receive a personalized bodybuilding and weight training program which has been designed specifically for their needs.

To make this clear, that could be a program that is designed for fat loss, or muscle building, or a combination of both.

Regardless of which it is, the download that you receive from the system will specify exactly what exercise you need to do, how many repetitions, and how many sets of repetitions you need to undertake, for each day of the 12 week Adonis index system program.

You will agree, I’m sure, that this is a comprehensive and impressive combination of technical skill and attention to detail — but things go further.

In the Adonis index community you also receive a comprehensive nutrition program, which is again personalized to your needs.

This is essential, because we all lead busy lives, and it’s too time consuming to expect people who are adhering to a dietary program or an exercise program to work out every single aspect of it for themselves.

Instead, this system gives you the information you need to plan every meal, for every day of the 12 week program!

So by now I’m hoping that you can detect a theme here — which is that of support. Complete and total support.

This is a picture of typical results achieved with the Adonis index program:


And that can go further, because when you are a member of the Adonis index system, you can join a community which offers absolute support from every single member of the community.

In most bodybuilding and weight training programs, the community is are composed of men whose chief ambition seems to be to get “one over” on their fellow men — there is most definitely a competitive element which can become quite distasteful, and reeks of the “alpha male” syndrome.

Now having said all of that, the Adonis program is different, because the people in the community are all seeking to achieve the same objective — which is to say, they are looking to build the ideal male body.

And because they tend to be men  who are quite ordinary, which is to say they are not specialized bodybuilders, they offer support to each other, rather than chipping away at each other’s confidence and status.

So not only do you get the highly individual building exercise programs, but you also get a highly individual diet plan.

This is a phenomenal advantage when it comes to maintaining your discipline and keeping your motivation high – so ensuring that you continue to make progress as the weeks go by. And that you stick to your diet!

After all, the Adonis program is only 12 weeks long, and if you have heavy weight loss goals, or extensive muscle building objectives, this is a comparatively short period of time in which to achieve these objectives.

So support is essential, not only because it keeps your motivation high, but because you can find a body to train with, or you can have your technical questions answered.

Support also comes from the founders and authors of the program, John Barban and Kyle Leon. These two extraordinary men have devoted their lives to the science of weight loss, and know possibly more about weight training than any of the other people running the Internet programs that are available today.

It’s all of these reasons, and many more, that the Adonis index stands out in my mind as being a highly specialized and successful system.

These are the reasons include the fact that there is a moneyback guarantee if the program doesn’t suit you, that you get 24/7 customer support, and that there are many further, slightly more advanced programs that you can take if you achieve your objective in the basic Adonis index system.

I think at this point it’s fair to say that your prime question has to be to consider what your main objective is in signing up for this program: if it is simply to get a good body then you are in the right place, but on the other hand if you’re seeking greater levels of cardiovascular fitness and good health, then you are most definitely in the right place.

The reason for this is the Adonis index contains exercises which are not just purely about building muscle — they are also about achieving a higher level of fitness, which, when all is said and done, certainly offers you the opportunity to look good, protect your health, and possibly even extend your life.

Here is an illustration of what it can do for you.


Adonis index fitness program for men

Yes, gentlemen, wake up!

2 (18)A new day is dawning in the era of fitness and attractiveness for men!

At long last, we are prepared to admit that physical attractiveness does play an important part in relationships, and in particular how attractive men appear to women.

For it turns out that research has demonstrated that women really assess men in exactly the way that men have long been known to assess women — by physical appearance, by their looks, by deciding whether or not they are physically attractive.

Shocking though this may be, for you naive guys out there who never understood that women have power in a relationship, the truth is that if you’re going to get the best girls, you yourself need to look good!

  And how you might do that?

Well there’s only one way, dear men, and that involves working out in the gym, losing fat from around your waist, building a better body and generally make yourself into a fitter, more appealing man.

And in fact when you think about it, this can only be good feel long-term health, this can only be good feel self-esteem, and this can only be good feel confidence. So the program in question, the online system that you will find will allow you to do all of these things and more is the Adonis golden ratio.

Much more than a mere weight loss system from men, the Adonis golden ratio is about building body shape and size – including weight loss – which women find intrinsically attractive and appealing.

As I mentioned above, there is plenty of evidence that women find a particular male body shape interesting, and there’s no point denying the reality which is that if you want to be in the market for selection by attractive women, then you yourself have depended of effort in to looking good and feeling fine.

2 (19) - CopyThe Adonis golden ratio is a product of two body building experts, or perhaps I should call them sports scientists — John Barban and Kyle Leon, who between them have decades of experience in the field of body building and weight training, and who are now bringing to you an online system that can give you more or less everything that you want — online support, simple programs, complete nutrition plans, easy to follow exercise plans, and downloadable systems to take the gym on your mobile phone – and much much more besides.

Con,sidering that you have a 60 day money back guarantee, and that you can change your mind that you’ve built on bought this program, it’s really hard to imagine why you wouldn’t actually take part — laziness, perhaps, or maybe simply the fact that you just regard yourself as an arrogant smug bastard who is attractive enough to women at the moment it doesn’t need to put any work in to make himself more so?

Come on guys – whatever you’re thinking, whatever you’re feeling, whatever your desires about relationships, there is one simple truth at work here:  that the Adonis golden ratio can help you be more attractive to women, can get you more sex, can get your more dates, and can get you greater sexual pleasure than just about any other body building or weight loss program.

Adonis Golden ratioDrug-free, the Adonis golden ratio offers all men of the sizes, shapes and ability to build a perfect body, to maximize on their skeletal size and shape, and to turn their body physiology into a well honed machine that will give them the greatest level of fitness they’ve ever experienced.

The Adonis Golden Ratio – Bodybuilding and weight loss made easy

adonis body toningBut is it correct to describe the Adonis golden ratio as simply a system for losing weight and body building?

Well, the answer is obviously “no”, because one of the major aspects of the system’s promotion is that it will get you social success and in particular success with women!

Author John Barban has identified a key element in attraction between the sexes, which is the genetic programming we all have to respond to a particular type and shape of body in the opposite sex.

John Barban claims that women are particularly attracted to a ratio of shoulder width to waste width in men which he describes as the Adonis Golden index ratio. Now if that’s true, then obviously being able to adopt a body shape through training that mirrors the Adonis Golden index ratio is could give you a significant advantage in seducing and dating women.

The Odd thing is that there is in fact actually plenty of evidence to suggest that this is actually true, that men and women are programmed to respond to certain key clues about fitness and health in the opposite sex.

So accepting the premise as sound, that leads some to suggest that bodybuilding and toning, and weight training, to get an ideal body shape should be a common thing — but it isn’t. So why is that? The answer seems to lie in the fact that bodybuilding is actually very tedious occupation, which very few men actually enjoy, and indeed most men seem to struggle with.

There are in fact several reasons why this is so, not least of which is the fact that many of the Internet programs that are designed to help men lose weight are either badly written, factually incorrect, or downright scams.

adonis systems designed for male body building   The Adonis golden ratio is actually a real exception in this respect, in the sense that it’s written by a man who has got a scientific background and training in human physiology, human anatomy, nutrition and fitness training. Together all of those disciplines allow John Barban and to talk with expertise and authority about bodybuilding, weight training, fat loss, losing weight quickly, rapid weight loss, and body reshaping in a comparatively short period of time.

Together all of these disciplines allow John to produce the Adonis golden ratio, the premier bodybuilding and weight loss system on the Internet. But to describe it as a weight loss and bodybuilding system doesn’t really do it full justice, because it’s actually much more than that.

As already described, the essence of this system is to give you an ideal body shape that will make you more attractive to women, but in addition it is a perfect way to lose fat from around the waist, because as I observed before, every fitness program designed under the Adonis golden index ratio brand is specifically tailored to the person who is using it.

the so-called golden ratio is the ideal male body shapeMake no mistake about it, Adonis golden ratio is far from your average body toning, and it’s can help you lose weight quickly and once you’ve actually achieved an ideal body shape, one that you actually admire, you will then find that it significantly affects your relationships with both men and women. Men will look at you with admiration, if not envy, and women will look at you with — Well, that remains to be seen, but let’s put it this way, dating and relationships may become a heck of a lot easier!